Where can I hear your work?

For individual scenes, listen here: tinyurl.com/podcastdemo

New compositions can be heard here weekly: pray.com/podcast 

What do you charge?

Each project is different! Contact me with info about your project for a quote.

Other Questions:

How long will it take? 

- For simpler technical stuff only 1-2 days.

Do you do much for other media?

- Yes I do, feel free to reach out and show me what you're looking for. 

Do you give discounts?

- for larger orders with the same task or genre, we can negotiate a discount yes.

Where can I use the music?

- You can use my music in all major distribution channels, Podcasts, Radio shows, TV, Film, Internet streaming. You can not however re-sell the music. 

For any additional questions please contact me!